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Beginner's success in Public Speaking

Are you too afraid to be a public speaker?

So was I and many, many, many others. So you are not alone. Your nerves are actually quite normal. You are just a human being like all the rest of us and all the great speakers out there. If I was there with you now, I'd give you a hug and some words of encouragement, and if you're lucky, maybe a pat on the bum.

And now there is help out there...

Beginner's success in Public Speaking is a practical guide for beginners who need to or would like to do public speaking. All the small bits and bobs I’ve learned that got me from 'not wanting to do public speaking' to 'being able to give a half decent public address.' This is a very short and most importantly practical guide. I wrote it because after finishing my other book, my passion, I forced myself to get on stage to talk about parenting and the various problems we are experiences in the world today. So that's what I do now: give parenting talks based on my other book Through the Crimson Mirror.

In the spirit of the book, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by writing paragraphs and paragraphs of 'marketing talk' to get you to buy this book. It's as simple as, are you too afraid to get onto a stage and speak? Then this book has 21 practical things you can do to help you and it's only 99c. I'm mean really, you can afford it!

I guarantee you'll learn something for only 99c on Kindle

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I show people who are a little afraid to get on stage
how to overcome their fear and that they are not alone.


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