I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

13 Dec 2013

Side effects of ADHD stimulant medications

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medical condition that causes inattentiveness, hyperactive and impulsive behavior.  The symptoms can affect a child’s school performance, way of thinking, behavior, feelings and relationships among others. First recognized in early childhood and often continues to adulthood.

There is no cure for ADHD, but different treatments can help improve child’s behavior and symptoms to help them do better at school, at home, and with friends. Parent’s oftentimes become confused whether treatment is necessary for ADHD. Most experts agree that unrecognized and untreated ADHD can lead to serious consequences which include:
•School drop-out.
•Depression and poor behavior.
•Failed relationships and poor performance in the workplace.
•Increased risk of accidents.

Different medicines are prescribed to help children pay attention and concentrate better. ADHD medicines are often very effective in improving the condition, but they may cause side effects. The most effective treatment for most school-aged children and the first-line Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a stimulant medicine which acts by mimicking the norepinephrine and dopamine the brains neurotransmitter.

As the name denotes, stimulant does not cause a child with ADHD to be more stimulated, rather it improves communication between several areas of the brain. This helps in improving attention and concentration. Nevertheless, medicine doesn’t cure ADHD nor teaches the child how to behave, work well with others, follow rules in school or become more motivated. To address the issue behavioral treatment along with medicine can be added.

The most commonly used stimulants for treating ADHD are available in short and long acting formulas are:

A stimulant medicine has a long history of being relatively safe and works effectively when used properly and few children manifest few serious side effects. Stimulants are not addictive. Some of the common side effects include:
•Decreased appetite
•Trouble sleeping
•Weight loss
•Sudden involuntary movements

Less common side effects include:
•Blood pressure and heart rate changes
•Social withdrawal
•Irritability, moodiness
•Stomach pain

Rare serious side effects may include
•Stimulants are not recommended in children with serious heart problems as it may increase risk of cardiovascular problem.
•The incidence of suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and aggressive behavior has very few legit reports of children who are taking stimulants.

Over the past years there are complimentary supplements that work as effectively as the prescription medicine for ADHD. This brain supplementation works in improving the symptoms with ADHD individuals by reducing the hyperactivity, impulsivity and improving mental skills, ability to think clearly and organize activities.

There is no reason to feel discouraged or hopeless; an individual with ADHD if diagnosed and treated properly can go on to live a productive and happy life.

By Kallum Mitterer
Kallum is an author of Elite Nootropics and several other popular supplement blogs. He enjoys neuroscience as well as the pharmacological reaction of certain drugs and supplements. Kallum also owns several websites and is highly interested in marketing and has combined his two interests. Nootropics have helped Kallum immensely in both his professional and personal lives. He believes with proper understanding and research people can chemically improve their brains and become the greatest they can be.
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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
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