I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

29 Nov 2013

The Dangers of Substance Abuse - Part 4

Another major problem we face today is the youth, because if they become parents who abuse substances, there is a high chance of creating dysfunctional families for the next generation. I found one study, which shows that in Gauteng, 80% of high school learners regularly consume alcohol. Almost 30% use some form of drugs. The starting age for drug and alcohol abuse is now 12 years old and continuing to go down.

One of the biggest dangers when using substances is the fact that there is a good side, a high part. It sounds like an odd thing to say. However, people wouldn’t do it if there weren’t a good side. Let me explain. There is hope at the end of the crack pipe. It may only be false hope, and hope for a very short time, but hope nonetheless. What seems like fleeting moments of happiness that take you away from the pain and overwhelming loneliness.

Let me read you something that Neville wrote to elaborate further.

If I had to sum up the highs and lows of addiction, it would be this:
Addiction begins like a whirlwind romance. It captures you with its peace; it seems to know you intimately. It plays fixer to your greatest worries and inhibitions and makes you forget your insecurities.

In the beginning, you have never known anything more exciting or sinfully pleasurable. It is because of this initial spike of ‘false bliss’ that you feel like you can step up the ‘thrill value’ of each encounter. Before long, without you consciously noticing, your fantasies begin to change until they revolve around your drug of choice and how you can figure out ways of manipulating your circumstances to accommodate the substances role in your life. Over more time, everything else begins to take a back seat to the substance. It is like an obsession now, the most important thing in your life, making you selfish towards anything and anyone else that threatens its sovereignty in your life. By the time you start to consider the possibility that it may be becoming a problem, it has already become an indelible part of existence. The closest way to describe the relationship is wilful slavery. A paedophile with candy, addiction charms its way into your life, then swoops in, and grabs onto it, wanting to hang onto it forever.

Thank you Neville.

So, what are the dangers of substance abuse?

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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
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