I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

12 May 2013

35 Blogs New Mom Bloggers That Are a Must Read

In the world of blogging, it is an unwritten rule that you must not deviate from your niche audience. However, when it comes to mommy bloggers, no such rule exists. There is a wealth of crossover in mommy blogs, which isn’t surprising given how much moms do in an average day. Mommy bloggers can delve into areas ranging from childcare and education to technology and transport. These 35 blogs are examples of exactly how versatile mommies are. You will discover tips on parenting from pregnancy right through to teenage years and beyond, along with inspiration for creating your own mom blog.

Pregnancy Blogs
Pregnancy blogs are where most mommies first cut their teeth in the online world. It helps to document the experience, and at the same time it provides valuable tips for other mommies who are searching for pregnancy information. It doesn’t do any harm to have a quick reference guide for your next child, either. These six blogs cover a number of topics; however, the main focus of each is on pregnancy.
New-Born and Toddler Blogs
Every mommy needs support when caring for newborns and toddlers. So who better to get it from than other mommies who have already been there? The blogs here were created with new mommies in mind, which means lots of tips on breastfeeding, sleepless nights and budgeting for your baby. New-baby bloggers come from across the parenting spectrum, making this a hugely competitive niche.
Children’s Food and Wellbeing
If there is one thing that all mommies eventually learn, it is how to come up with creative recipes for kids. Of course, nutritional eating is a concern for mommies, too. This niche is a collection of mommy bloggers who love creating, cooking and writing about food. If you are looking for ideas for recipes, or you think you could write your own mommy recipe blog, then these six blogs will give you the inspiration you need.
Personal Mommy Blogs
Nobody does personal blogs better than a mommy. These types of blogs typically chronicle the day-to-day trials and tribulations of parenting. It is the unique, personal voice, however, that keeps other mommies coming back to read every day. Personal mommy blogs are more like parenting groups than traditional blogs, in a lot of respects. These six mommy bloggers create a personal connection with their audience, while also providing invaluable parenting tips.
Parenting Teenagers
A house full of teenagers is a hot-bed of charged energy and activity. Any parent who is raising teenage children will testify to needing a little outside perspective every now and again. This is a subject that only the veteran mommies should tackle. These six bloggers have all been through the wars, so you can be sure that they know how to handle even the most petulant of teens. You can also tell by some of the names in this list that these mommies haven’t lost their sense of humor, either.
The Key to Coping with Multiple Children
These blogs are focused more towards generally coping with multiple children. This is another huge niche in the blogging market. However, there is still plenty of room for fresh perspective from new mommy bloggers. Many of these bloggers talk about their experiences with new technologies and advancements in parenting, which is what keeps the content fresh. These six top-ranking blogs are from some of the mommies who share their experience and tips on raising multiple children.
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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
how to better understand their children.
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