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15 May 2013

30 of the Best Blogs for New Moms of Multiples

No matter how hard you try, you will never be fully ready for the challenges of having multiple children in a single birth. Looking after one newborn is a challenge on its own, so don’t give yourself a hard time when things get difficult. The good news is that there is plenty of help available for mothers of multiples; you just need to know where to look. Many mothers have faced the same challenges that you will, so much of the information out there in the blogosphere contains first-hand experiences. These 30 blogs are aimed at mothers of multiples and provide valuable insights into how to cope with all of the different things you will encounter.

Getting Ready for the Unexpected
First things first; get ready for the unexpected. You can do this by not trying to overly analyze what it means to be a mother of multiples before you have even given birth. Things are going to get hectic, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. Babies are extremely demanding. Your little ones are going to completely rely on you for their every need. These five blogs will get you prepared for some of the early challenges you will face and provide valuable coping strategies to ease the burden.
  1. Our Best Tips And Advice For New Parents
  2. Postnatal Blues
  3. Attachment Advice for Parents of Multiples?
  4. Caring for newborn twins or multiples
  5. Countdown to Multiple Motherhood!
Feeding and Breastfeeding with Multiples
Feeding your babies will present an exercise in extreme organization and multitasking skills. There is also a lot of misinformation out there that states you can’t breastfeed with twins or multiples. While that is completely untrue, it can get difficult to manage feedings for all your babies. However, perseverance is the key, along with lots of advice from a lactation consultant. These five blogs will also give you some perspective and ideas from both mothers and professionals.
  1. Feeding Tips
  2. How to Succeed in Nursing Multiples
  3. 5 Facts About Breastfeeding Multiples
  4. 10 tips for breastfeeding multiples
  5. Twins & Breastfeeding Goals: What’s Realistic?
Finding Time to Bond
Although a lot of the time it will seem like your babies are a single unit, only focused on having you running around in circles, each baby still needs some one-on-one bonding. These five blogs deal with how to best allocate your time with each of your babies, ensuring you have healthy individual relationships with your little ones.
  1. Bonding with Twins During the First Year
  2. Bonding with Multiple Infants
  3. Twins Week: bonding with each child
  4. The Best Routines for Twin Babies
  5. Let’s Talk About Twins (Triplets, Quads, etc.) Part 2: Bonding with Multiples
Traveling with Multiples
Traveling becomes a completely new experience with multiple babies in tow. First of all, you need a car big enough for all your babies’ car seats. If you use public transport, you may need a number of strollers, depending on how many are in your brood. Regardless of your exact circumstances, getting around with your babies is going to present a lot of unique challenges.
  1. Packing Tips for Traveling with Twins or Multiples
  2. Travel With Twins Or Multiples
  3. Going It Alone: Solo Air Travel with Twins
  4. Traveling with Twins, Multiples & More
  5. Traveling With Twins
Managing Money Matters with Multiples
If there is one thing that you can bank on, it’s that you will stretch your budget to the limits catering to your babies’ needs. You will need to make sure that you are thrifty with your cash and take advantage of deals where ever you can find them. These five blogs will help you get to grips with management your money.
  1. Multiple Money Matters
  2. The Costs of Raising Twins
  3. How to Beat the High-Cost of Raising Twins
  4. Free Stuff for Twins! Freebies, Coupons and Discounts
  5. Cost-benefit of Breastfeeding Twins
Support for Parents of Multiples
There is nothing better for parents of multiple babies than the support of those who know what it is like. There are many groups out there; however, most parents don’t even know that they exist. These five blogs share platforms that are specifically tailored towards supporting parents of multiples.
  1. Resources For Twins And Their Families
  2. My Twintopia
  3. The Ishum Quads
  4. Finding a Moms Group
  5. So you’re pregnant with twins…
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