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20 Apr 2013

25 Blogs with Creative Ideas for Hosting the Perfect Graduation Party

Celebrating your baby’s graduation from high school is a momentous occasion, and one that usually calls for a party.  Your graduate will probably have her own ideas about what she wants at her graduation party, but you can work together to plan everything. The first thing you’ll need to determine is a budget for the party.  This will dictate how big your party plans can be.  These 25 blog entries will share some ideas with you about picking a theme, ordering or making invitations, decorating for the big event, choosing the menu and ordering the cake. See if you can find unique ideas for your special celebration.

Picking a theme can be the most fun part of the party planning.  Sit down with your graduate-to-be and figure out what she wants the theme to be.  Is she really into soccer or cheerleading?  Or does she plan on going into marine biology?  Her interests will help you find a theme that will be perfect for the party.  These five blog posts will help out with some theme ideas and how to run with them when party planning.
Once you decide on a theme, the invitations will be easier to pick out.  Do you want to go with a more formal, traditional invitation or do you want to do something totally different?  The choice is up to you and your graduate.  She will remember this party and her graduation for the rest of her life, so try to make it memorable.
The decorations will depend on both the theme and the formality of the party.  Are you having your party outside or in a dance hall?  Or are you having your party at home? Figuring these details out allows you to create a timeline for the event. For instance, if you have the party at home, you can decorate anytime you like. If the party will be at a venue, however, you’ll need to adhere to their guidelines regarding the time you’re allotted the venue. These five blog articles will give you some ideas on decorating simply or more elaborately.
With the menu, you need to remember that this party is all about the graduate.  Make sure that you serve all her favorites because this is her day.  Like many other parties, you’ll need to decide whether you are serving a meal or just finger foods.  Many graduation parties are catered events, but you could also do a pot luck style meal where each family member brings a dish to share with the guests.  Take a look at these five blog entries and put together an idea of what you’d like to choose for the menu.
The Cake
The more traditional graduation cake is typically a rectangular sheet cake with the graduation year and a rose for decorations. If you want a trendier cake, you can order a 3D cake that represents an interest of the graduate.  Another option is to do cupcakes in various flavors with graduation toppers and add additional small desserts to the dessert table, offering a sampling of several things.  Here are five blog posts to give you some ideas.
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