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14 Apr 2013

10 Baby Products that Can Cause Injuries Because of Misuse

Almost anything can turn unsafe when used incorrectly, but some items marketed directly towards babies and their new parents can just be downright dangerous. These are ten of the objects you’re likely to find in any nursery, but might want to use with caution.
  1. Crib – Don’t let this one scare you off, but your crib can be dangerous for your child, especially if it has a now recalled drop side. One thing to be aware of is that your baby’s fingers can end up getting caught in the movable parts. If that happens, it can be anything from a painful pinch to a more traumatic injury. To ease your mind, consider a crib that has four sturdy sides and remember to keep bumpers, loose blankets and pillows out of the crib to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  2. Shampoo – Some shampoos can be a bit dangerous, but that does not mean you should avoid using shampoo or having bath time altogether. On the contrary, bath time is very important, but so is how you use the shampoo. When the shampoo is not in use, be sure the lid is tightly closed and away from the curious hands of your baby. Also, when using the shampoo, make sure baby is not ingesting it. If baby accidentally swallows shampoo, it can be poisonous and you should contact poison control immediately.
  3. Highchair – The highchair can be a very dangerous place for a baby if it is used improperly. Remember that the straps are there for a reason, so use them! If you do not strap your baby into her highchair, there are a variety of ways she could end up causing herself injury. Also, when you are securing the serving plate, be sure baby’s fingers are out of the way so they do not get pinched.
  4. Car Seat – Make sure you get your car seat inspected for safety before you take your baby anywhere in it. Or, if you are unsure of how to install your car seat, seek a professional to do it for you. Visit www.safekids.org to find a certified passenger safety technician in your area.
  5. Headbands – While headbands look cute in her hair, your baby can end up strangled by them if they slip from her head. So, if you have her wearing a headband, be sure to take it off before she goes to sleep or when she’s not going to be in your sight.
  6. Changing Table – Obviously, whether you have your baby strapped into his changing table or not, you do not want to walk away from it. Even though you will constantly be by his side at the changing table, you still want to be sure to strap him in every time you change his diaper. Turning your back for a split second is enough time for him to roll off and hurt himself.
  7. Bathers – Baths are a tricky thing no matter what. You want to make sure the water is the right temperature and that your baby is in something safe and comfortable. The baby bather is a good idea for keeping baby safe and comfortable, as long as it’s a sturdy one that will not turn over if you have an enthusiastic bather.
  8. Small Toys – Make sure the toys you have are age-appropriate, with no small parts that baby can choke on. Baby toys are very well labeled, so it’s easy to buy the correct ones for your child. If you have older children with smaller toys, make sure they play with them in an area where the baby will not pick them up and put them in her mouth.
  9. Sling Carriers – Sling carriers are becoming more popular because of their ease of use and fashion worthiness, but they can be used incorrectly, resulting in an injured or suffocated baby. When the sling is on, be aware of your surroundings so you do not bump baby’s head on anything, such as counters or door entryways. Also, make sure she is not getting caught up in the fabric and suffocating.
  10. Walkers – Walkers are great for teaching your baby how to walk and getting them to move around, but be sure you put them in a safe part of your house. Walkers should only be used under your supervision and away from any stairs that your baby can fall down or cords that your baby can get wrapped up in.
Most of these popular products can be used without any incidents at all, provided that your child is well-supervised while they’re in use. Keep your eyes peeled to ensure your little one avoids any unnecessary injuries or accidents that stem from improper use of his belongings.

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