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14 Mar 2013

The Dark Knight Rises movie review

I didn’t feel like writing about my book, or parenting or any of those things for a change. I saw the final Batman movie a while ago and it was epic. How epic you ask? So epic, it demanded me to write something about it.

Firstly, this is probably one of the best trilogies ever written (other than my trilogy of course…) With the exception of a few other movie trilogies out there, most three-part movies fail. Look at the Matrix. Awesome concept; the first movie rocked. It was mind-blowing in fact. The second movie was okay. It was entertaining but nothing out of this world. The third movie however, was a complete disaster. Did the writers / directors come down from whatever trip they were on? I think so.

Now this isn’t the case with Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. The first movie was good and an added bonus for me, Jonathan Crane (funny how he has the same surname, as Dr. Frasier Crane; I wonder if it’s a psychiatrist’s thing...), also known as Scarecrow, was the main villain. For those who don’t know, Scarecrow is my favorite batman villain. I think I’m correct when I say, well certainly in my lifetime; this was his first appearance on the big screen. How could I not like Scarecrow: a deranged, psychotic, psychiatrist? I mean my book is largely about the mind and growing up, so he’s right up my street.

The second movie, need I even say more. Even if Heath Ledger didn’t give his stellar performance as the Joker, it was still a great movie. His performance just pushed it way beyond the edge.

Lucky for me, Scarecrow played a little cameo in the third movie. I though he was pretty cool as the judge. I use the term judge loosely of course, because in his own words, “This is not a trial. This is merely a sentencing. How do you wish to have your sentence carried out? Death, or exile?”

There has been some criticism of Bane, especially concerning his voice. I thought that was an awesome touch. It worked well with his character. He’s not a brute: a muscle-bound, brainless oaf. He’s super intelligent and speaks with a refined dignity. He’s strong and internally confident, so he doesn’t need to put on the deep voice to frighten people with his mere presence. He knows he can rip your head off if he likes. I thought he was a perfect blend of intelligence and strength.

Overall, the movie was a fantastic end to an amazing trilogy. As humans, we always want more. Some are asking for the Christopher Nolan treatment to be bestowed upon say The Riddler and other Batman villains. Maybe it’s best though, that he ends it now. Quit while you are ahead.
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