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7 Mar 2013

40 Blogs You Must Read to Avoid Making a Baby Naming Mistake

Once you find out you’re pregnant, the fun begins! Dreaming about what you should name your precious child becomes a favorite pastime for expecting parents, and everyone has names that remind them of someone that they loved and others that they hated.  Finding a name that pleases both mother and father is tricky enough, but if you add in the meaning of the name it gets even tougher.  So take your time and read through these 40 blog entries to try to find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Boy Names
You’ve just found out that you’re having a boy – now you can concentrate your baby name efforts on only boys’ names.  Make sure to put the first, middle and last name all together to see how they flow.  Check out these five blogs and see what you find.
Girl Names
Visions of pink and lace dance in your head as you hear that you are having a baby girl.  What are you going to name this beautiful creature who will soon capture your heart?  The options are almost endless and the decision will be a tough one, but here are five blog posts that might be able to help with your search.
Before you settle on a name, you might want to check to see what the name means.  You would hate to name your child a name that means ‘death’ or some other dismal meaning.  Here are five blog entries that will help you find the meaning of a name.
Unique Names
It’s not uncommon to want a name that is different than all the others for your child.  Few want their child to be one of several kids with the same name at school.  Where is the line between unique and just plain weird?  Check out these five blog articles on unique names.
After Cities
Many couples like naming their kids after the place where they were conceived.  This may not work well for some people, but it does for others.  Think about where you were or consider your favorite city and see if that name would work for your baby.
Those parents with a deep faith may lean towards a biblical name.  There are many kids out there with names like Jacob, Elijah, and Luke whose names come from the Bible.  There are dozens of names, both male and female, that you could choose from.  Check out these five blogs to help you choose.
Historical Figures
Some parents choose to pull a name from a history book.  Naming your child after a great leader or a historical figure you really admire is a creative way to choose a name and the process has a story behind it.  Take a look at these names from historical figures.
Unisex Names
Many names work well for both girls and boys.  While names like James have traditionally been reserved for males, they are now being used for girls as well.  Only time will tell which names become unisex in the future.  These five blog posts will list some unisex names that you may like or you may want to steer clear of, depending upon how you feel about unisex names.
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  1. Since I'm not a dad, I can't say I've used any of these to name a child. However, I have used baby name sites to name pets.

    Whatever works, right?

  2. Hahahaha.
    That's hilarious.
    Actually we've also named our pets human names: Thomas, Tammy.
    Back in the day I had a Spot.
    He was a cool dog.