I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

19 Feb 2013

Indie author blog tour: The Backstory Behind Buzzard Bay

When I visit places like Paris or London or New York, I wonder what would have happened to me if I had been born there. I was born about as far away from these places as you can get, on a small farm in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. This remoteness gave me my great imagination and sense of adventure. I could not have written this book without including something about this part of my life.
It was when my wife and I went to look at a project in the Bahamas that the basis for this story began forming in my mind. Much of the economy in the rural islands of the Bahamas had been fueled by the drug trade. We had been contacted by a man who was trying to help the people on these islands by starting a farm project so the locals would have another means of employment.
This project was on Andros Island. It is the biggest of the Bahamian Islands in the Bahamas located close to the capital, Nassau and about one hundred and forty miles from Miami. On this piece of property we found an airstrip that had ditches plowed across it. We thought this airstrip would be beneficial to the project so we asked the local government officials if the air strip could be rehabilitated. The answer was a resounding no.
Without the airstrip we decided the project was not feasible and began asking questions as to why we could not use it. It was then that we were told that this was the main airstrip in the islands used to supply the US with cocaine from South America.
Sometime later we heard that one of the men who had been promoting this project was found dead on his yacht. I questioned some of the locals on the island about the airstrip and surrounding area. The many differing stories I heard were the basis for this book.
One area of particular interest to me were the stories centered around Buzzard Bay and how the local residents still feared what might happen to them if they stumbled on to something happening there. Of course the story in this book is fiction, based somewhat on fact. I will let the reader decide which is which.


Bob Ferguson grew up in a remote region of Canada without electricity or telephones. He spent evenings listening to an old battery-operated radio and dreaming of faraway places. Later in life he traveled extensively. His travels to the Bahamas form the basis for Buzzard Bay. The author and his wife currently live in Fiji, where Bob writes and his wife teaches. Their children and grandchildren live in Canada.

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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
how to better understand their children.
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  2. How does that make you feel, knowing that you are so 'dependent' on technology?