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2 Feb 2013

30 Blogs with Tips for Getting Good Behavior from Kids

There are no two children alike and when it comes to teaching kids good behavior, what works with one child won’t always work with the next.  It’s important to be flexible as you teach your kids the importance of good behavior, and be willing to try various methods to get your kids to behave well.  These 30 blog entries will give you several ideas on different tactics that can help you instill good behavior in your kids.

Set your expectations ahead of time and make sure that the kids understand these expectations, how they are supposed to act, and what they are supposed to do.  It’s important to also make sure that the kids also know the consequences of not living up to those expectations and that exhibiting bad behavior does come with consequences.  These five blog posts will help you set your expectations.
Setting Limits
Kids are known for pushing boundaries to find out exactly where the limits are.  Once you’ve set your limits on what type of behavior is acceptable and what is not and made your kids aware of and enforced these limits, you will get better behavior.  Here are five blog posts to help you set limits for your kids.
House Rules
You can’t let your kids have free reign of the house and expect that they’ll behavior perfectly all the time. Setting house rules can help curb bad household behavior and manners, as long as you also are firm about what the ramifications are if they break the rules. These five blog entries will discuss house rules.
Make sure that the rules you are setting and the expectations you have are age-appropriate for your children.  Rules that are good for a teenager are not always good for a 10 year old child.  Here are five blog posts discussing how to establish and enforce rules that are age-appropriate.
Special Needs
As a parent to a child with special needs, you may find there needs to be a whole separate set of rules in place than the rules you’ve set for a child without special needs.  Depending upon the situation, the rules might have to be different for each child to successfully achieve good behavior.  These five bloggers have suggestions for getting good behavior from your child.
Rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior is thought to be a more productive and successful way to teach a child to behave.  Kids are more likely to behave a certain way when they know that their behavior will result in achieving something that they like.  Check out these five blog posts for more helpful hints.
Syndicated, with consent, from http://www.babysitters.net/blog/30-blogs-with-tips-for-getting-good-behavior-from-kids/

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