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9 Feb 2013

30 Blogs For and Against Vaccinations

To vaccinate your kids or not to vaccinate them? This question continues to spark controversy and debate among parents. These 30 bloggers weigh in with evidence and opinions both for and against vaccinations. Some bloggers look objectively at both sides of the argument, while others passionately share their personal and one-sided views.  If you’re considering vaccinations for your child, it may be worth reading what these bloggers have to say.

Vaccinations and Infants
Most infants are vaccinated shortly after birth. Many of the vaccinations they receive, however, contain aluminum; the debate is whether the amount of aluminum in the vaccinations can be toxic for babies.  See what these five bloggers have to say.
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccines and Autism
There was a study performed by Dr. Wakefield that indicated the MMR vaccine could cause autism. Although these findings were later retracted and no scientific link has been found between the MMR vaccine and autism, many still believe that vaccines can and do cause autism.  Check out what these five bloggers have to say.
Flu Vaccines
Every winter, flu vaccinations become available for infants who are at least six months and older, as well as for older children and adults.  Should you get a flu shot or not? What about your kids?  The following blog posts may help you decide.
Newborns are immunized every day with the hepatitis vaccine. The question is if this is actually a good move or not.  Are you putting your newborn at risk by immunizing her with the hepatitis vaccine? These five blog entries will provide information to help you make a more informed decision regarding vaccinating your newborn for hepatitis.
Mandatory HPV Vaccine
The human papilloma virus, or HPV, vaccine was created to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  Controversy surrounding this vaccine has been going on for years.  See for yourself what all of the fuss is about by checking out these five blog posts.
School Vaccine Requirements
For your child to start kindergarten he must have certain vaccinations that are mandated by the state you live in.  Other vaccines are now being required for new college students as well.  Should the state be regulating what kind of vaccines your children get?  Judge for yourself, as these posts describe in more detail what your choices are.
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  1. I am FIRMLY for, but nice to hear both sides.

  2. I still don't know on which side I fall. It's a complex issue.