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17 Feb 2013

25 Blogs Featuring Winter Maternity Fashions

Being pregnant is an exciting time.  Visions of nurseries dance in your head and it’s likely that you find yourself consumed with shopping for onesies, stuffed animals and the perfect blanket to wrap around your bundle of joy. You also have probably noticed that, in addition to all of the things your baby needs, you need a new wardrobe to fit your expanding belly as well. These days, designers have the most stylish looks in maternity wear.  You can buy things for work that allow you to look professional and still be comfortable or for the weekend when you are kicking back and enjoying life.  And for that fabulous party you have coming up, there are plenty of party dresses too.  Combine those with comfy sleepwear and workout wear and you have yourself a whole new wardrobe, and what’s more fun than buying brand new clothes?  You want to look fantastic while you are pregnant right?  Check out these 25 fabulous fashion blogs that will send you in the right direction.

Work Wear
Sometimes it can be tough to get yourself out of bed, especially as your body grows and changes with the baby, but keep in mind that when you look good you feel good.  Look for clothing items that will grow with you.  These five blog entries will show you what’s in style for maternity work wear.
Weekend Wear
Step out in style as you enjoy life before baby.  You’ll need a great pair of jeans and some comfy sweaters.  Tights and leggings are also a way to stretch your existing wardrobe. Throw on some maternity leggings, a long sweater and some boots and you are ready to go anywhere and still be in style. Take a look at these five blog posts regarding fun and functional weekend wear.
Party Wear
You may be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have places to go and people to see.  What if you have a wedding to attend or a business dinner on the calendar?  These blog posts will give fashion ideas for dresses you can wear to all different types of events, from a party to the opera.  Think haute couture is out of your reach when you’re pregnant?  Think again!
Sleeping can be difficult while you are pregnant.  You can’t seem to get comfortable and your favorite position to sleep in doesn’t really work right now.  With all of those sleeping hurdles you don’t want to have sleepwear that is uncomfortable too.  Check out these five blog posts with comfy sleepwear options.
Workout Wear
Doctors recommend that pregnant women continue to work out if they previously followed a workout regimen. Fortunately, many athletic pants and tops are stretchy and will allow you a little time before you need to change anything.  But once you get past the middle of your second trimester you may not want tight clothes on your tummy.  These five blog posts have included some maternity workout clothes so that you can stay healthy for the baby and for you.
Once you have seen all of the new fashions that are available for pregnant women doesn’t it make you want to go shopping?  You can find maternity clothes for almost any budget so get out there and take a look at what’s available or order online.  If you don’t want to spend a ton, look for places that may rent maternity outfits.  The important thing is that you look as good as you feel during this special time in your life.

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