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8 Feb 2013

100 Safety Rules Every Parent Should Follow (81 - 100)

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On Vacation
Taking a family vacation can provide for lots of fun, but it also places your family in unfamiliar surroundings with lots of people, places and things to navigate. Prepare to keep your kids safe by following these vacation inspired safety rules.
  1. Use an FAA approved seat when flying. Don’t be fooled into letting your child ride on your lap or taking a non FAA approved seat to the airport with you. Keep your kids safe when flying with an FAA approved seat.
  2. Abide by ride regulations at theme parks. Height and weight limits on rides are established for a reason. Resist the urge to sneak your kids onto rides that they don’t qualify for.
  3. Don’t label kids clothes on the outside. Avoid clothing that has your child’s name it. When strangers call a child by name it can give them a false sense of security that the person knows them.
  4. Help your kids get help. From tucking business cards of the hotel into their pockets to writing their phone numbers on their arms, there are lots of ways to ensure your kids can get help should they become separated from you.
  5. Consider a preprogrammed cell phone. A preprogrammed cell phone can help your child reach you or someone who can help should they need to. It can also ensure you have quick and easy access to important contacts while traveling.
  6. Designate a meeting place. Establishing a dedicated meeting place can help your family members find each other if they become separated.
  7. Take your regular nanny with you. Having a caregiver who knows your child and family can better anticipate your child’s health and safety needs than a caregiver hired on location.
  8. Heed travel warnings. Whether it’s for security or weather, travel advisories are issued for your protection, so you should think carefully before ignoring them.
  9. Use appropriate safety gear. Whether it’s a helmet for riding a bike or a life vest for boating, be sure your children are using the appropriate safety gear on vacation excursions.
  10. Check immunizations. Before traveling overseas, be sure to take your children to the travel clinic to ensure he has the proper immunizations required for travel.
On the Internet
The Internet is full of useful information, but it’s also full of threats. Keep your kids safe online by following these important safety rules.
  1. Keep computers in public areas. When the computer is in the main areas of the home, monitoring its use is easier.
  2. Limit screen time. Limiting screen time limits exposure and helps keep kids healthy.
  3. Monitor usage. Quality and quantity of screen time are both important factors in keeping kids safe while using the Internet.
  4. Teach kids not to give out personal information. Kids should be taught to help keep themselves safe by teaching them to keep their personal information private.
  5. Keep passwords on hand. Knowing your kids passwords can help boost accountability for online activities and monitor use.
  6. Abide by site rules. Some sites, like Facebook, have rules that permit only users of a certain age to utilize the site. Do you follow the rules?
  7. Talk about anonymity. While a real world policy of using your name online is the direction some think should be established, the reality is people can post under any name and pretend to be anyone. Teach your kids this important piece of information so they know their new online teen friend may not be who he says.
  8. Check mobile usage. Tracking your child’s online usage from his mobile device can alert you to any security concerns.
  9. Set parental and security controls. Be sure your child’s security setting are up to snuff by limiting what he can see and share with the world.
  10. Be Facebook friends. Being your child’s Facebook friend can help keep the lines of communication open, help you to monitor his social activity, and help you get to know some of his friends.
Syndicated, with consent, from http://www.gonannies.com/blog/2013/100-safety-rules-every-parent-should-follow/

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