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13 Jan 2013

30 Blogs With The Best Home Remedies

While there’s no doubt that modern medical advances have made incredible strides over the last century, there are still some home remedies passed down as part of oral traditions, folk remedies or even just savvy home science that can be effective treatments for many minor complaints. Where once this wisdom was passed down orally and could only reach a relatively small audience, the power and worldwide reach of the Internet has made it possible for the global community of bloggers to share their wisdom freely with one another. While none of these remedies or blogs can or should take the place of advice from a medical professional, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that some are quite effective.

One of the most common household injuries, many non-serious burns can be easily and safely treated at home. Whether you’re treating a burn from a stove, a scalding injury after contact with too-hot water or a sunburn resulting from a day spent in the great outdoors, these five bloggers offer their own spin on the home-treatment of burns.
Minor Illnesses
Headaches, vague and inexplicable queasiness, slight sore throats and other very minor ailments can be signs of more serious complaints, but are usually exactly what they appear to be. Soothing these illnesses can be as simple as following the advice offered by these five blogs, which are filled with valuable home remedy information.
Cuts and Scrapes
Cuts, scrapes and bruises are simply par for the course, especially when there are children in the house. While serious cuts that could require stitches, puncture wounds and severe traumas should be addressed immediately, very minor injuries can be safely and easily treated at home with the techniques outlined in these five blog entries.
Aches and Pains
Whether the result of a strenuous workout or a non-serious injury, there are times when you’ll have low-level muscle aches and joint pains that can be treated at home. While the home remedies and treatment information in these five blogs can be effective tools for managing that pain, remember that pain is usually your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. If pain lasts for an extended period of time and doesn’t seem to be improving, you should always consult with a physician.
Colds and Flus
While severe cold and flu symptoms do require treatment or the supervision of a medical professional, most simply have to be managed with some type of palliative care until the illness has run its course because there is no recognized cure for the common cold or influenza. These five bloggers discuss a variety of methods for managing cold and flu symptoms until you can either see a doctor or the illness subsides.
Rashes and Skin Irritation
Some rashes are indicators of serious problems and allergies, while others seem to come and go with no real rhyme or reason. While you should always consult a physician if you’re suffering from a skin irritation or rash that won’t go away, these five bloggers share some home remedies for managing the problem until your appointment arrives or the condition clears.
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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
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