I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

21 Jan 2013

30 Blogs on Preparing for Childbirth

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Preparing for the birth of your child is one of the most exciting and potentially the most stressful times of your life. From the moment your pregnancy was confirmed, all of your preparations have been leading up to the moment you officially become a parent. These thirty blog entries are filled with information that will help you reach the last milestone of your pregnancy well-informed and prepared, so that you can begin the great journey of parenthood!

Making a Birth Plan
Your birth plan is a list of conditions that will ideally be met by your midwife, obstetrician and the hospital staff, and is something that you’ll have to work on together in order to ensure that the things you want are feasible and can be managed without incurring major risks. You should have a basic idea of what you do and do not want to happen during your birth, which is why these five blog entries are valuable sources of information regarding the birthing process and how birth plans work.

The debate surrounding vaccinations is one that can easily become quite heated, with those on either side defending their positions passionately. While it absolutely is your right to make the final decisions regarding which, if any, vaccinations that your child will receive, you should make every effort to explore both sides of the issue objectively in order to come to that decision before the birth of your child.
Doulas are women whose careers are dedicated to acting as advocates and assistants for laboring mothers. While not all moms-to-be choose to work with a doula, there are also those who wouldn’t dream of delivering their child without one. These five blogs are dedicated to the doula’s role in labor and delivery, with information that can help you decide whether you do or do not want the services of a doula attending your birth.
Packing Your Bag
It’s wise to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go before you go into labor, so that you’re not scrambling for the things that you need while managing the pain of contractions and the excitement of impending parenthood. These five bloggers offer some practical advice regarding what you should include in that bag, helping you to make sure that you have everything you need for the most comfortable and convenient birth possible.
Dietary Suggestions
While there are a variety of pregnancy diets designed to help moms and their unborn children get all of the nutrients they need while Baby’s growing, many moms are surprised to learn that there is also a diet suggested by some for mothers in preparation for labor. The guidelines, hints and tips regarding pregnancy and delivery diets are contained in these five blog entries, and can help you make the right nutritional decisions for you.
Home Delivery
Like the issue of vaccination, the issue of home birth is hotly debated by both supporters and detractors and is, ultimately, your decision. If you are considered a good candidate for a home birth and have chosen to deliver at home rather than in a hospital, these five blog entries are dedicated to helping you prepare for your special day in your own way.

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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
how to better understand their children.
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