I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

20 Nov 2012

Blog tour stop
Wastes of Space by Darcy Town

Hello all.
This post is part of a blog tour for Darcy Town's new novel Wastes of Space. Go check out the rest of the tour at http://junipergrovebooksolutions.com/wastes-of-space-by-darcy-town/.

Title: Wastes of Space
Author: Darcy Town
Published: Self-Published - December 14th, 2011
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 142,000
Content Warning: Mature - language, sex, graphic violence, drug use/abuse, prostitution

In the early 21st century, the Cold War between the American and Chinese Empires slogs on in a stalemate. There's a ceasefire in effect, but the peace is artificial—secretly enforced by an alien blockade that surrounds the planet. Earth is caught in a territory struggle between two warring factions: the Empire and the Resistance. Lacking harvestable talents, both groups classify Earthlings as Wasters.

Hidden among the Wasters is an alien girl with the power of moving spaceships. She teams up with Rake, a drug-addicted ex-Astronaut, to join an intergalactic war that Earth did not know existed…but first Rake has to realize he's travelling with an alien to begin with.

About the Author:
I earned a degree in Comparative Religion, so themes-wise that certainly pops up here and there in my writing (okay, more than a little here and there in some books).

I write what I enjoy reading/watching - which is fantasy/sci-fi with dark humor and a bit of romance. What I consider romance however is to some...a bit off (and kinked out). And when I say dark humor I mean black. But I always have lighthearted moments (I do not believe a story should be all one way or another). Gotta spice things up!

Speaking of...I like to write stories that cater to all sexual preferences in one story (as opposed to just writing gay/lesbian lit, etc). I have your typical male-female romances. I have male-male, female-female, transgender, bi-sexual, sub-dom, etc. This is mostly due to the fact that well...1. I like writing about it. 2. I see it in my everyday life. 3. I like having a well-rounded cast of characters from all walks of life.

I am the author of the Morningstar Trilogy and the Wastes Series.

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1)  Tell me a little more about three of your antagonists: the three cats.
Marx, Lincoln, and Kennedy – they are feline trackers that hunt using bodily fluids of the species or individual that they are looking for.  They enjoy hunting things, studying things, and having sex with things.  In my mind, they are a lot like cats.  They play and toy with their prey, they get in scuffles with each other, but they also purr and like to cuddle.  Sort of like homicidal teddy bears.  If they’re on your side and in your pack, they’re all right…if they’re not then you’ll probably be eviscerated.  I like characters like that, the ones with two seemingly disparate personality traits.  It makes them very fun to write.

2)  You talk about Star Wars and you characters obsession with it. I assume you too, are obsessed with Star Wars (I dig it too). What’s your favorite quote from Star Wars?
Hard question!  But I’ll go with: I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.  That is quoted more than once in the Wastes series.

3)  If an alien spaceship landed at your house, what would you say to the aliens inside?
If I could speak their language, I’d probably politely ask that they not kill or experiment on me. 

4)  You say your book is a dark comedy Sci-Fi story. Can you explain the dark part?
Well, the dark mostly comes from the characters themselves.  Rake is a drug-addict who sells his body to men so that he can make money for more drugs.  He’s not a nice guy on the surface, and people tend to end up dead or hurt around him.  Kids are put in peril, random people get munched on (the space cats like to eat), and things are gritty and gross (aka open sewage, eating out of garbage bins, sleeping in alleys).  The story touches on child prostitution, detoxing, kidnap, many fun things like that.

5)  What are you most proud of in your life?
Finishing my very first book.  It took years to write, far longer than anything I’ve written since then.  Once I finished it, I realized that writing books was a possibility for me and something just clicked after that.  So, even though that story probably won’t ever be released to the public, it still means a lot to me.

6)  If you could change one thing about your body, what would you change?
Being prone to sunburn less.  I am sunburned within fifteen minutes of direct sunlight…it’s ridiculous.  I am not a sun lover by any means, but it’d be nice not to get burnt any time I forget the sunscreen at home.

7)  Have you always written Sci-Fi? The reason I ask is that it seems to be one of the “in” genres today. Maybe people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. Are you one of those,  or a genuine Sci-Fi fan?
I’ve always been a Sci-Fi fan due to parents that raised me on Star Trek and Star Wars and uncensored television and books.  I actually watched the extended version of Aliens just last night (I can watch that and The Thing repeatedly).  Honestly, I didn’t realize there was a bandwagon for Sci-Fi.  I always thought of it as that genre that people only write in because they love it (as opposed to writing romance because it sells – not a knock against romance by any means).

8)  You live in Seattle. Have you ever met Bill Gates?
Ha, yeah, nope.

9)  You book covers sound interesting. Are the photos your own personal photos or photos that you’ve found on the internet?
They’re my photos.  I figure it is copyright free just to use my own stuff.  Plus, I take pictures of things that I think could maybe one day come in handy as a cover or part of an illustration.  I have a large photo collection to pull from.

Other books in the series

Synopsis for Wastes Away – Book Two:
…A split second later in the same galaxy as before, but pretty far away…

Rake and Ravil have escaped Earth and the Empire, towing the rest of their friends and new allies with them. They flee to an abandoned Empire colony known only as Seed Planet 15.

Out of fuel and common sense, they crash and nearly wreck their ship, stranding them in the middle of a seemingly endless swamp. On first glance the place looks mostly harmless, but what they've landed on is anything but. Seed Planet 15 has a nasty history.

The planet has more hidden in the mist than just ghosts and rumors. And if the crew doesn’t get off the planet soon, there will be nothing left of them but spare parts and a rusted ship.

Synopsis for Waste Not, Want Not – Book Three:
Barely making it off Seed Planet Fifteen with their lives, Rake and the crew are content to hang out and lick their wounds for a while, if it weren't for the fried wiring and Stalker damage that have left the ship prone to reoccurring blackouts.

Needing supplies for repairs, the crew decides the best course of action is to raid abandoned Ampyr outposts for gear. Smart, no foreseeable problems there.  Except one of the outposts they hit isn't empty, Lincoln's personality issues are getting worse, food is going missing, and their Rexos is about to hit puberty and apparently that's accompanied by uncontrollable rages. As if that wasn't enough bad news, there seems to be a sentient black hole chasing down Ravil and attempting to eat her.

But not to worry, Danny's reforming their squad and apparently ranking still flies out in space. No more messing around, things are getting serious. At least seriously screwed up.

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