I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

7 Oct 2012

Why do so many people steal pens?

Hello all

Answer me this: why do so many people steal pens?
I'm creating a database of book lovers in my area, so I always have a pen and paper to write down names and email addresses for my mailing list. And without fail, if I am not there guarding my pen, it takes a walk!

Pens are like socks in a washing machine. There was an advert on TV a few years ago about this place where lost socks went, or something like that. I wonder if there is a place for lost / stolen pens? A place where they all congregate and write on stuff, until they run out of ink.

Pens are a lot like humans you know: they are born, they have a life span depending on how you use them, they die (when they run out of ink), they can be broken and sometimes fixed. The list of similarities goes on and on. Go pens :)

If you have read my blog this Sunday (links below), you will see that I'm posting some rather odd, random nonsense (guess it's just got to come out sometimes; I think it makes you a better writer though, so go read my book; links below - hehehehehe). Now, in keeping with the randomness spirit I would have taken a photo of my pen and placed it on here, BUT IT'S GONE!! Grrrrrrrr. So rather a picture of the pen and the sword that I found.

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Why do so many people steal pens?
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  1. Hairbrushes and clothes pins disappear around our house. Who knows where they run off to!

  2. Hairbrushes, that's a new one to me.
    I guess I don't use too many brushes, seeing as I have short hair.
    Nice one

  3. Scissors in my house. I know I have 10 pairs but when I need them they are nowhere to be found!

    1. Same for me Edillion.. As a couponing mom I have a TON of scissors.. But without fail every time I need a pair they are no where to be found!

  4. Hehehehe.
    It's like there are people running around with a scissor fetish.
    "Oooh baby, this one is blunt nosed; mmmmmm."
    Weird o's... O_o

  5. Maybe people (writers!) who use pens miss them more.... Pretty stationery, lovely stationery....
    Now who's favourite shop ISN'T Paperchase???


  6. Hi Louise
    Yes, I think you might be right.
    And the last of my pens that was liberated from em, was a nice pen.
    Not fancy; just awesome with which to write.
    I don't know Paperchase though...
    I assume it's a store in the UK.
    Guess that would explain it :)