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17 Sep 2012

Indie Author Interview - David Atkinson

Hello readers

Well as it turns out, the last author interview I did went very well.
So I've decided to do more.
Today's victim is David Atkinson.

  1. You were a schoolteacher; describe the worst pupil you ever had the misfortune of teaching.

    I’ll call him by his first name – Craig. This lad was a behavioural nightmare and I had the misfortune to have to deal with him for four years. It was during the time when corporal punishment was still used in the school system. I witnessed, officially, a number of beltings he received. His final words to me from a distance of around 100 yards were ‘Fuck off Atkinson!” He was later found guilty of murdering his father with a baseball bat!

  2. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently with that little brat?

    He should have been moved to a secure behavioural unit.

  3. Did the aforementioned child influence your books in any way? Create a murderous thought, perhaps…

    Not in the slightest

  4. If you could be a drop of rain, where would you fall?

    Oh what an idea! I think it would be on Mount Fuji in Japan

  5. Are you a good speller, or does your computer help you out with that?

    I was always a good speller although not perfect. I am an English speller rather than USA so I argue with spell check quite a lot. Is that sad?

  6. You say Patrick, the main character in your books, is a vehicle for what is currently happening in the world. Can you explain that a little?

    Yes. Patrick is in some ways my alter ego. I see injustices in the world that I would love to sort out but Patrick can do that for me. These can be anything from meting out correct punishment for crimes that the authorities have failed to punish adequately; to destroying evil crime syndicates that the police are so ineffective against; and, dividing nations that have unholy alliances.

  7. There is a stigma that the British don’t bath much. How often do you hit the showers? When I was in the UK, I had a good wash everyday :)

    My birthday is April! What do you think Daniel?

  8. Often great inspirational works of art come from strife and sadness. For example, Ernest Hemmingway was an ambulance driver in WWI. Have there been any major stressors in your life, which have formed and shaped who you are, and thus your book?

    Stress is an intensely personal and subjective occurrence and what is a stress for one is not for someone else. For instance, the dentist , I hate going and get stressed but it is negative and although there are facets of such visits that may provide minor details in my writing it wouldn’t inspire a book. Maybe a poem. I have been through 2 divorces, seen death of relatives on four occasions, had a car accident that was quite a shock. These are facets of my life that, in part, have made me who I am but there are other influences as well. It would be inaccurate of me to say that anyone stress has been inspirational. When I am writing poetry however, that tends to be the medium in which I react to perceived stresses.

  9. Spy thrillers and mystery novels seem to be all the rage now (I promote local authors in Durban, and I’ve had plenty of requests for these kinds of stories). Why do you think that is? In addition, what makes your book unique?

    I think this particular genre provides readers who enjoy action, mystery and adventure, the opportunity to identify with central characters and mentally live out their fantasies; and I believe there is a bit of that in all of us. I think that my books are unique because they take ‘real’ examples of events in human society and Steele uses his skill set to correct the perceived injustices that have occurred.

Well, I think we can all agree that that was a rather interesting interview, especially question number 1. I had a mate whose name is Craig. We used to call him Reginald. He's now in France.
David is a retired school teacher and banker. He currently lives in the UK.  When David retired from teaching, he was the deputy principal.
David has written four fiction novels, all of which mystery / thrillers. The central character, Patrick A Steele, is a vehicle for situations that are current in the world and ways in which they may be righted.
David writes a blog, and unsurprisingly, it's a good place to get some more information about his books. Go check it out http://david-latkinson.blogspot.com. You can also find his books on Kindle. Just click here. David has also recently published a small collection of original poetry in a variety of styles with some explanation of those styles. This is now available on Amazon in paperback on https://www.createspace.com/3978810.
That's all folks.
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  1. Pleasure David.
    I guess you found the URL, so I don't have to mail it to you :)

  2. Oh, a delightful interview, Daniel! David is a great friend and you've done a wonderful job bringing out his genuine character. Well done!

  3. It's a pleasure Jo, and thank you for reading.
    More to come if I can find the time.
    I'm at the Durban Business Fair this week, so I won't be on computer much.
    Ciao ciao