I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life how to better understand their children.

19 Sep 2012

Going viral

Unlike most media, I don’t want to bend to pressures and not write something just because it may offend a few people (my honesty often does that). I don’t want to write words just to get many hits. I want to write what I believe is right. In that vein, I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in humanity. I’m looking at the stats for my blog, and I can’t believe my post A Whole new Look Baby, is the second most viewed post. There is nothing in there. I put no thought into that post. There is no substance. It’s nothing really, just me making an announcement. However, my blog about What makes a bad parent? Is floundering.

I think understand why this happened. A Whole new look baby alludes to something easy, visual and sexy, while What makes a bad parent is something that most might find hard to digest. Isn’t that what we always do as humans though: take the easy way out? It’s much easier to hope to see boobs, than it is to see our flaws and maybe change.

Images of Kate Middleton sunbathing naked go viral, but will that really help humanity? Will that solve any problems or make this a better place? Probably not. Let’s all stop wasting our time on frivolous things and start using our minds to better this place.

O and PS Kate, just in case you are reading this.
It's funny how you like all the nice things about being in the spot light (marrying the price, the money, the fame, etc.) but don't like all the bad things. Grow up. Any person who knowingly and willfully puts them self  into the public eye should be aware that the media is going to try to find some dirt on you, because it sells! Come on...
And one more PS
Did someone photoshop a shark into the picture I used? That wasn't me. I found that photo on another website. Hilarious!

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I show concerned parents who want to give their children the best start to life
how to better understand their children.
And I show people who are facing difficulties that they are not alone


  1. As long as those pictures of Kate sell magazines, and reality tv shows sell ads, substantive conversations will be lacking, and we will get the politicians and government our society elects and deserves. It is very sad, Daniel, bug kuddos on the high ranking post!!!

  2. I totally get where you coming from! My most popular post is titled "PLEASE Let Me Be Your Slave" with over 5000 views, while my second most viewed post has approximately 2500. I guess people are thinking it is about some type of sex slave/bondage stuff, but it is actually about being in the bondage of debt (the borrower is a servant to the lender). Oh well, at least they're visiting.

  3. Daniel, how true it is. You post something about a celebrity and the hits follow. Kimberly, that is so funny. I can picture all these middle-aged guys hitting your site thinking... *shakes head*

  4. Hello Mary
    How you doing?
    You are so right.
    The thing is, we as consumers can do something about it.
    We can stop buying those papers, viewing those shows etc.
    Easier said than done, I know, as it only works in mass, and there aren't too many people around who are willing to change.

    Hello Kimberly
    I may have to use that title of yours at sometime :)

    Thanks for the comment Rachelle.
    I appreciate it.

  5. Sensation sells. Stay true to yourself in your writing. Sounds like you're not worried about what the public thinks about what you write. I think that's a great thing!

  6. Thanks Gina.
    Ya I'll continue doing what I do, as long as the platform is there.
    I hope to attract like minded individuals and at least make some small difference.
    Thanks for reading :)